PQ Adventurers Membership

Clients who have finished the 6-week Positive Intelligence program with Follow the Adventure, can join the PQ Adventurers Membership.

It’s a unique way to keep practicing your Positive Mindset and keep building that PQ Muscle.

What’s included?

Keep Building Muscle

Continue your access in the PQ app with daily new PQ exercises, extra video content, additional gym exercises, connection to the global PQ community and much more.

Stay Connected

Meet regularly online with fellow PQ members from Follow the Adventure and gain new insights, benefit from peer coaching, training refreshers and great networking opportunities.

Coaching Special

Need a quick coaching session? Benefit from the special PQ Adventurers Membership coaching discount of 50%!  You can get additional coaching sessions whenever you need.

Be Delighted & Surprised

Receive exclusive promotions and participate in events and inspiring actions as a Follow the Adventure member.

You can become a member for as long as you want! Subscribing is as easy as clicking on one of the payment options below, which will take you to the Follow the Adventure check-out page.

See for more information our Rules of Engagement here

Membership Pricing Options

Subscribe for 1 month

€ 45 per month*

Subscribe for 6 months

€ 41 per month*
(one time payment € 246)

Subscribe for 12 months

€ 36 per month*
(one time payment € 432)

* Subscriptions renew automatically at the end of the subscription period.
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